I’ll choose what to wear. 

If we can’t admire her body,then let’s not vulgarise it…

It takes a great deal of hurt to write something.And anger and disappointment.(personal case) So here it goes again. ..

I’m a nineteen year old girl. Educated and perfectly aware of the world around me. I’m the kind of girl who can differentiate between good and evil. I know what I’m comfortable with or whom I’m comfortable with. I know.Trust me I know. So if I’m wearing clothes that show my legs then I’m not revealing anything.I’ll tell you why. Because my legs exist from the time I was born. And my legs will stay with me till I’m dead. And if my dress shows my cleavage then it’s also not revealing.It has been there.Everybody has it.Even a man.People will not stare at the cleavage of a man because it’s not appealing,it will not give them a sensual pleasure and it will not be ‘a treat to the eyes’ as it is often put. I just wanna ask one question to everyone reading this…should I just cut off my body parts because I can’t prevent stares? I definitely can’t change my style of clothing.I can’t and I’ll not. So what’s the option that is left?  

Chop off body parts that look ‘appealing’… 

I wouldn’t do that either. I’m gonna stick to what I’m comfortable wearing.

I have come across aunts who often remind me to cover up my body parts. They actually do. My clothes are not obscene.They are not supposed to excite anyone because I don’t wear clothes to excite anyone.I wear clothes because I like wearing them. And if I didn’t like then I wouldn’t be wearing them at all. 

I know where this is all coming from.Anger.I’m very angry at the moment,yes.I don’t see why I shouldn’t be angry. Tell me, if as a man you had to face such restrictions,would you tolerate?  If yes…if yes, I’m ready to accept what I’m being asked to do. I’ll happily accept all the stereotypes and taboos and atrocities.

I know many will not agree with my point of view.Many have told me about how women should be docile and submissive and adaptable.I don’t see why?  Why can’t we all possess the kind of characters we wish to have? Why can’t each of us choose our own emotions and feelings? Why women are thrust with character certificates? Why can’t your daughter or sister or wife or mother wear what she wants?  Why?  Tell me folks, Why? 

If we can’t admire her body, then let’s not vulgarise it.



Yes I menstruate. So? Yes my uterus sheds its inner lining every month. So?  Yes it’s blood. So?  It’s blood and a lot many things. So temme what’s the issue? Yes I use sanitary napkins for which I need to go to the chemist. So? Just tell me where the problem is?!  

 Why do you as a woman always talk in whispers about your period?  Do you think it’s not normal enough? Don’t you feel woman enough? Does it in anyway make you less of a human? Tell me what is it!  Answer me. Oh yes!  It is embarrassing to say it aloud. Why? Aren’t you proud of your body?  Do you think natural processes are abnormal and absurd? Do you even know you can have a child just because you menstruate?! 

The entire world population is because women menstruate!

And my dear men…what is wrong about women menstruating? Why is it even a taboo? Yes it’s blood;the same blood that oozes out when you get a cut and bleed. You are here on this planet because a woman menstruated.So temme what is it that makes it such an objectionable thing to even discuss in public?

Ladies, what is all that hush-hush when you talk about your period? 

We have the TV channels flooding with advertisements about the sexual health of women but at the same time we are so embarrassed to even talk about it openly. Ironical,isn’t it? 

P. S

Dear parents,

        It’s perfectly normal for your daughter to menstruate.And every body in this big wide world knows about menstruation. So it’s okay to talk about it.Tell your daughters to feel free to discuss about their body,the changes that their body undergoes because it’s as normal as taking your meals when you’re hungry. 

Dear people ,

Stop making it a taboo. Because it’s NORMAL

Those nights

Wounds heal but sometimes the scars stay…

How could I get scared of the night previously when I was experiencing my own horror story?! How could ghosts and monsters frighten me when I was already having them inside me?! How could I sleep when I rested my head on the pictures of god that hung on the wall and sobbed?!  

They say we can bear the pain;we can go on living but the truth is it kills you everyday,little by little. Oh how desperately I begged for peace! 

Wounds heal but sometimes the scars stay. And it is the scar that reminds you of that pain and digs out the buried memories.

The girl with the bruises

She looked old.She looked insane…

She fumed with anger. Every breath of hers came out in gasps. She continuously pierced the nib of the pen into her skin…no, she couldn’t feel pain. She felt anger, extreme anger as if it would eat her up. It was eating her up. She wailed. But the wails died into the silent night even before they came out. Suffocated.Exhausted.Jinxed.She eventually fell asleep as the tears dried up.


She saw a terrible face in the mirror.Almost phantom like. Puffy eyes,messy hair and a very tired visage. She looked old. She looked insane. She gazed at herself for some couple of minutes. Something hurt below on her thigh. Her eyes moved down. She quickly covered up the bruised skin,the dry blood.She threw on her skirt to hide the bruises. 

Puzzled. Scared.Alone.She took a shower and put on layers of kohl to hide the puffiness of her eyes. 

A pretty girl walked out of the house. 

Lying to self,falsifying the truth

Of all the things that men fear,they fear themselves the most…

Of all the things that men fear,they fear themselves the most.It is no secret that we all have a darker side that is known only to us.Each of us has that evil residing in us which very often threatens to reveal itself.Men are wise.They know well how to hide what they really are.We all wear a pseudo ‘rational’ man covering which is even more intensified by our pseudo ‘busy’ lifestyle.We’ve prevented the real us from being revealed at all times.Sinners come out in the dark.We are all sinners,exposing ourselves when the lights go off,the world is busy and nobody really has the time to keep an eye on us.Sinners we are,for we have feared all the time to accept the real us.We have given ourselves confrontation at times when the need has not been there.We have learnt to camouflage,we have learnt the art of lying to self even when our heart wants to hear the truth.Reason being,we are too rational to tell the truth,afraid to lose things,even more terrified to face the world and trade one thing for the other.