Lying to self,falsifying the truth

Of all the things that men fear,they fear themselves the most.It is no secret that we all have a darker side that is known only to us.Each of us has that evil residing in us which very often threatens to reveal itself.Men are wise.They know well how to hide what they really are.We all wear a pseudo ‘rational’ man covering which is even more intensified by our pseudo ‘busy’ lifestyle.We’ve prevented the real us from being revealed at all times.Sinners come out in the dark.We are all sinners,exposing ourselves when the lights go off,the world is busy and nobody really has the time to keep an eye on us.Sinners we are,for we have feared all the time to accept the real us.We have given ourselves confrontation at times when the need has not been there.We have learnt to camouflage,we have learnt the art of lying to self even when our heart wants to hear the truth.Reason being,we are too rational to tell the truth,afraid to lose things,even more terrified to face the world and trade one thing for the other.


17 thoughts on “Lying to self,falsifying the truth

  1. Well come my dear blogger’-monika!! These emotion are coz of modernization of our culture who are confusing the young don’t worry dear!!these all will desappeared when you will mature.even though,u have write an innocent n lovely article.

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  2. It’s not hiding or falsifying if it is what you feel and want.
    I think, however there’s one thing, if your heart says something, just listen. For the heart is yours to follow.
    Follow the heart and we will be alright
    Great post Monchu. Thank you again for taking me in as a follower πŸ™πŸŒΉ

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