Yes I menstruate. So? Yes my uterus sheds its inner lining every month. So?  Yes it’s blood. So?  It’s blood and a lot many things. So temme what’s the issue? Yes I use sanitary napkins for which I need to go to the chemist. So? Just tell me where the problem is?!  

 Why do you as a woman always talk in whispers about your period?  Do you think it’s not normal enough? Don’t you feel woman enough? Does it in anyway make you less of a human? Tell me what is it!  Answer me. Oh yes!  It is embarrassing to say it aloud. Why? Aren’t you proud of your body?  Do you think natural processes are abnormal and absurd? Do you even know you can have a child just because you menstruate?! 

The entire world population is because women menstruate!

And my dear men…what is wrong about women menstruating? Why is it even a taboo? Yes it’s blood;the same blood that oozes out when you get a cut and bleed. You are here on this planet because a woman menstruated.So temme what is it that makes it such an objectionable thing to even discuss in public?

Ladies, what is all that hush-hush when you talk about your period? 

We have the TV channels flooding with advertisements about the sexual health of women but at the same time we are so embarrassed to even talk about it openly. Ironical,isn’t it? 

P. S

Dear parents,

        It’s perfectly normal for your daughter to menstruate.And every body in this big wide world knows about menstruation. So it’s okay to talk about it.Tell your daughters to feel free to discuss about their body,the changes that their body undergoes because it’s as normal as taking your meals when you’re hungry. 

Dear people ,

Stop making it a taboo. Because it’s NORMAL


24 thoughts on “YES I BLEED AND SO DO YOU

  1. I am sure things are changing with the coming generation. Gone are the days when girls were locked up in a room and were not even granted to touch things at home. Atleast urban population has matured up its thought but believe the taboo continues to be still young in rural area. Someday your msg will reach there too.

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    1. It is not only about what the society does to women,it’s also about what a woman does to another woman.That’s what I’ve pointed out in my article.I must say,things have started to change but the change is yet to happen.

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    1. The change must happen everywhere…be it rural or urban. Everybody should accept the fact that menstruation is a biological process and if the society expects a woman to bear a child then it must also consider menstruation as an inevitable part of the child bearing process. The society must also understand that if God had problems with such processes then he wouldn’t have gifted a woman with the same.


    1. Anything concerning women is a taboo in this world.I don’t really understand why does it have to start and end with women?! And when can we actually stop fighting for the rights of women and together fight for the Human Rights?


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