The girl with the bruises

She fumed with anger. Every breath of hers came out in gasps. She continuously pierced the nib of the pen into her skin…no, she couldn’t feel pain. She felt anger, extreme anger as if it would eat her up. It was eating her up. She wailed. But the wails died into the silent night even before they came out. Suffocated.Exhausted.Jinxed.She eventually fell asleep as the tears dried up.


She saw a terrible face in the mirror.Almost phantom like. Puffy eyes,messy hair and a very tired visage. She looked old. She looked insane. She gazed at herself for some couple of minutes. Something hurt below on her thigh. Her eyes moved down. She quickly covered up the bruised skin,the dry blood.She threw on her skirt to hide the bruises. 

Puzzled. Scared.Alone.She took a shower and put on layers of kohl to hide the puffiness of her eyes. 

A pretty girl walked out of the house. 


21 thoughts on “The girl with the bruises

      1. You will feel comfortable here, like me. Interestingly we don’t know each other personally but the bond and friendship is matching or sometimes better than among known friends.

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