Those nights

How could I get scared of the night previously when I was experiencing my own horror story?! How could ghosts and monsters frighten me when I was already having them inside me?! How could I sleep when I rested my head on the pictures of god that hung on the wall and sobbed?!  

They say we can bear the pain;we can go on living but the truth is it kills you everyday,little by little. Oh how desperately I begged for peace! 

Wounds heal but sometimes the scars stay. And it is the scar that reminds you of that pain and digs out the buried memories.


13 thoughts on “Those nights

  1. Monica, good morning. Thank you for connecting with me.
    And what a profound talent from my youngest blog friend.
    And I have to be here, a devoted follower.
    I see wisdom beyond age here. Something I can easily fall in love with 😍
    I know I can learn from you.
    Your sincere follower

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